Johannes reached more than 1 Million plays and downloads on mp3.com and 170.000 on Soundclick.com.

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:: COMICS ::
Johannes Roussel is also a professional comics artist who published numerous books in Europe you can check his work here

The first time I heard about Johannes was when he posted to the forum mentioning his website and the resources he had available for download like the soundfonts he uses in his own music. First I listened to some of his soundfonts and they where of such good quality that it made me curious about his music too... The music is dreamy, soundscape like, panoramic. It's the kind of music that can be used as a soundtrack for a film with wide views. It's the kind of music that creates images in your head, well, at least for me. If you think I like this music very much, then you're right. There are faint hints of Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and the likes, but never obvious enough to call it. But it's not only the compositions, the production is also top-rate. It all sounds like there are hours and hours of mixing involved. Definitely professional quality. Review on Orion Central where Johannes Roussel was featured artist http://www.orion-central.com

French artist Johannes is what we like to call an impressionist. The atmosphere is as dreamy, dark, relaxing, and rapturous as a piece by Tangerine Dream. Check out his compositions and let yourself drift away with the ethereal soundscapes. Editor at http://music.download.com

:: STUDIO ::
Johannes' studio is 100% software based. All his music is composed, played, arranged and mixed with one incredible software called ORION. To learn more about Orion you can visit the Orion official page .
Johannes Roussel was also featured artist on Orion-central and artist of the month at synapse-audio.com.